Year of the Constitution 2022
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The video of the international conference dedicated to the Day of the Constitution can be watched on YouTube


On 25 October 2022, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania together with the Council of Europe’s Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) held the International Conference “From the National Constitution to Transnational Constitutionalism”, dedicated to mark the 100th anniversary of the Constitution of the State of Lithuania of 1922 and the 30th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania of 1992.

The aim of the conference was to discuss, with representatives of constitutional justice institutions of other countries and the Lithuanian legal community, the significance of the Constitution as supreme law in resolving constitutional challenges extending beyond national borders.

The discussions of the conference participants in the four sessions reflected current issues and provided an opportunity to share the experience of constitutional justice institutions of different countries in protecting the supremacy of the Constitution and law.

The video of the whole conference can be watched on YouTube: