Year of the Constitution 2022
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Romualdas Kęstutis Urbaitis (2005–2014, 2011–2014 – President, †2022)

Content updated: 17-01-2022 19:42
Romualdas Kęstutis Urbaitis was born in 1942. After the graduation from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University (in 1968), he was a judge at the courts of the Šakiai district and the city of Kaunas. In 1984, he was accepted to the Lithuanian College of Advocates, he was a member of the presidium of its council. In 1993–2005, he was a justice of the Supreme Court of Lithuania and a judge of the Kaunas Regional Court. In 2005–2014, he was a justice of the Constitutional Court and, in 2011–2014, he was its President. He passed away in 2022.