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Algirdas Taminskas (2008-2017)

Content updated: 06-04-2017 16:47
Justice Algirdas Taminskas was born on 9 February 1962 in Biržai. In 1986, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. From September 1986, he worked as an assistant, senior assistant, and associate professor at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. From May 1993 until December 1994, he was an adviser at the Seimas Committee on the State and Law Issues and, from December 1994 until February 1999, he was a Seimas Ombudsman and the Head of the Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office. From June 1999 until 20 June 2007, he worked as a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court of  Lithuania. From June 2007, he worked as a justice at the Supreme Court of Lithuania. In 2002–2006, he was a member of the Commission for Ethics and Discipline of Judges and, from July 2006, he was a member of the Judicial Court of Honour. He is an author of numerous articles on civil law and a coauthor of several monographs and teaching aids. He holds a PhD in law.
In March 2008, Mr. Algirdas Taminskas was appointed a justice of the Constitutional Court.