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A publication by Ukrainian nongovernmental organisations

Content updated: 16-06-2017 14:49

A publication by Ukrainian nongovernmental organisations

In the series “Crimea beyond rules. Thematic review of the human rights situation under occupation”, published by Ukrainian nongovernmental organisations, legal experts in international law analyse the situation in Crimea. The third issue of this publication, among other things, presenting the review of the case law of international courts, refers to the Batumi initiative (on condemning the annexation of Crimea). The full text of the Batumi Declaration with signatures is provided for readers.

It should be recalled that, during the meeting of the Circle of Presidents of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts held in Batumi in September 2015, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine launched the initiative to condemn the judgment of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of 19 March 2014, which paved the way for the annexation by Russia of part of the Ukrainian territory – Crimea. The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania, Dainius Žalimas, together with the Presidents of the Constitutional Courts of Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine, supported this initiative and signed the Joint Statement Concerning Territorial Integrity and International Law in Administering Constitutional Justice (Batumi Declaration).

The constitutional courts of other states were called on not to remain indifferent at the time when the imperative requirements of the rule of law, obliging to respect the general principles of law, the main principles of international law, and the values of a democratic constitutional order, were violated.